International Coronary Congress 2018:
State–of–the–Art Surgical Coronary Revascularization
National Conference Center
Beijing, China
August 2-5, 2018

Thursday, AUGUST 2, 2018
Function A, Level 1, CNCC
8:30 AM Welcome & Introduction to the 2018 International Coronary Congress
Shengshou Hu, John D. Puskas, David P. Taggart
Session 1 (PLENARY): Indications for CABG in 2018

Zhe Zheng, David P. Taggart, Hirokuni Arai

8:40 AM Updated U.S. CABG Guidelines, Including CABG for Acute MI, Shock and Failed PCI
Stephen Fremes
8:50 AM Updated European CABG Guidelines: When and How We Should Perform CABG
Umberto Benedetto
9:00 AM Progression of Native Disease After CABG: What Does It Mean For The Patient, Cardiologist and Surgeon?
John D. Puskas
9:10 AM Nuclear Perfusion Studies, MRI: How to Improve Outcomes for CABG in Radiologists’ Perspective
Bin Lu
9:20 AM FFR and iFR: How Should We Define “Significant Stenosis” in 2018?
Kefei Dou
9:30 AM Discussion: Indications for CABG in 2018
9:50 AM Coffee Break - Exhibits
Session 2: Suture Techniques for Proximal and Distal Anastomoses

Wei Wang, Hitoshi Yaku, Husam Balkhy

10:10 AM What Are the Principles of a World-Class Distal Anastomosis?
Bruce W. Lytle
10:20 AM Single vs Sequential Anastomosis (Myths & Data)
Giuseppe Tavilla
10:30 AM Composite Grafting / Sequential Anastomosis: Strategies, Techniques and Long Term Outcomes
Wei Feng
10:40 AM Epiaortic Scanning and Clampless Proximal Anastomoses:Should it be Routine?
Michael Tong
10:50 AM Techniques to Avoid Atheroembolism in on/off Pump CABG
Rajan Sethuratnam
11:00 AM Panel Discussion: Best Practices in Constructing Anastomoses
Session 3: Graft Assessment with Transit Time Flow Measurement (TTFM) & High Frequency Ultrasound

Su Liu, Vipin Y. Zamvar, Kwang Ree-Cho

11:10 AM Usefulness of Epicardial Imaging using VeriQC
Ki-Bong Kim
11:20 AM Graft Flow Measurement: What do the Numbers Mean & When Should I Revise the Graft?
Gabriele Di Giammarco
11:30 AM 3 of My Own Cases Where Graft Flow Measurement Made a Difference
John D. Puskas
11:40 AM Special Lecture: Lessons Learned from the REQUEST Multicenter Registry of TTFM in the Operating Room
David P. Taggart
11:50 AM Discussion: Best Practices for Graft Assessment in CABG
Session 4A (SIMULTANEOUS): Off-Pump CABG via Median Sternotomy Part 1

Tianxiang Gu, Rajan Sethuratnam, Teresa M. Kieser

1:30 PM Special Invited Lecture: The Evidence Base for OPCABG in 2018
John D. Puskas
1:40 PM How I Choose OPCAB vs ONCAB in 2018
Umberto Benedetto
1:50 PM Teaching On-Pump and Off-Pump CABG to Surgical Residents and Practicing Surgeons
Yu Chen
2:00 PM On or off Pump? Differences between Guidelines and Clinical Reality
Kyung-Jong Yoo
2:10 PM Panel Discussions: The Ratio of off Pump: Why the Differences were so Dramatic in each Institution
Session 5: Off-Pump CABG via Median Sternotomy Part 2

Liqing Wang, Bruce W. Lytle, Yugal Kishore Mishra

2:20 PM Learning Curve of OPCAB: Tips and Tricks to Improve
Kwang Ree-Cho
2:30 PM Reliable, Reproducible OPCAB: Coronary Shunting and Other Adjuncts
Gil Bolotin
2:40 PM Common Pitfalls of OPCAB
Naresh Trehan
2:50 PM On-pump vs Off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass -- 15 years Follow-up Taiwan Experience
Nai-Hsin Chi
3:00 PM Panel Discussions: My Tips and Tricks for State-of-the-Art OPCAB
3:10 PM Coffee Break - Exhibits
Session 6A (SIMULTANEOUS): On-Pump CABG: State-of-the-Art Cardiopulmonary Bypass for CABG Part 1

Naresh Trehan, Feng Lu, Louis Perrault

3:20 PM Fundamentals of Cardiopulmonary Bypass for CABG (Standard versus Mini Circuits, Temperature and Hematocrits on CPB)
Zhe Zheng
3:30 PM How is Best On-pump CABG Done in India?
Rajan Sethuratnam
3:40 PM How is Best On-pump CABG Done in Shanghai
Chunsheng Wang
3:50 PM Special Invited Lecture: Comprehensive Program for “Bloodless” CABG Surgery
Gianluca Torregrossa
4:10 PM Panel Discussion: State-of-the-Art CPB and Blood Conservation for CABG
Session 7: On-Pump CABG: State-of-the-Art Cardiopulmonary Bypass for CABG Part 2

Xin Wang, Stephen Fremes, Shuichiro Takanashi

4:20 PM Myocardial Preservation Strategies for On-Pump CABG in China: Antegrade, Retrograde,Combined to Protect RV and LV/Blood Conservation Strategy
Bingyang Ji
4:30 PM Special Invited Lecture: Blood Cardioplegia, Crystalloid Cardioplegia, Bretshneider and Del Nido Solutions: Are They Safe for CABG? What Are Their Advantages?
Duke E. Cameron
4:45 PM Difficult Scenarios for Myocardial Protection and How to Avoid Stone Heart Every Time
Gabriele Di Giammarco
4:55 PM Reducing Risk of Stroke in On-pump CABG
Tianxiang Gu
5:05 PM Left Main Trunk Angioplasty for Left Main Coronary Artery Disease
Liang Tao
5:15 PM Panel Discussion: Best Practices in Myocardial Protection for CABG
Thursday, AUGUST 2, 2018
Room 209AB, Level 2, CNCC
Session 4B (SIMULTANEOUS): Surgical Skill Training

Jan Gummert, Yue Tang

1:30 PM How to Do Coronary Re-implantation in Aortic Root Surgery Part 1
Session 6B (SIMULTANEOUS): Surgical Skill Training

Yue Tang, Jan Gummert

3:20 PM How to Do Coronary Re-implantation in Aortic Root Surgery Part 2